The Argosy Project is a field research effort to collect as much photographic, audio, and physical evidence of the Midwest hominid, generally referred to as Bigfoot.

A concurrent emphasis of the Argosy Project is to educate the public about the behavior and traits of Bigfoot. Bigfoot is a unique species, and there are many inaccurate myths perpetuated by the media, and some Bigfoot researchers..

The ultimate goal of the Argosy Project is to get local ordinances passed, and laws enacted at the state, and federal level to protect Bigfoot as a treasured species.

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Matter of Trust

I know many people will question why I don't go charging into the woods when ever I hear a Bigfoot nearby. When I'm at my main research box I consider myself a mere visitor, and I respect the Bigfoot who frequent this locale.

After four years of studying them, I would say it's been only the past two years that the Bigfoot family has come to accept me enough to acknowledge my presence. The Bigfoot will often pound on wood, or let out a whoop to signal me. So there is a certain comfort level of familiarity where the Bigfoot will let their guard down when I'm around. I'd like to think of it as a matter of trust.

I strongly feel that if I get too heavy-handed with my research techniques, the Bigfoot will think I'm being too intrusive, and simply have nothing to do with me. Another researcher recently called my work there "slow and methodical." To me, that's a compliment.

Our society is geared for big results- done quickly. My belief is the Bigfoot have been around a very long time, most likely longer than us. So they don't really need us, but they are probably as curious about us, as we are about them. I'm dealing with three Bigfoot individuals, and two more possibly, and it's my obligation to respect them.

Two years ago another researcher asked me if we could ever study these creatures in a Jane Goodall-fashion. I flatly said, "No." I couldn't envision that possibility then, but my experiences with the Bigfoot there these past two years has altered my view. In the meantime, I will still feed the Bigfoot family cookies and leftover pizza. The Argosy Project continues.